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The Sabal Point community is known for its great location, excellent schools and safe, family-friendly environment.
This website is sponsored by the Sabal Point Community Services Association, Inc. (SPCSA), a mandatory homeowner association representing nearly 1000 families in the development. We are located in the Longwood area of Central Florida, near Orlando. This website is for the use of residents, guests, prospective home buyers, realty professionals and others who support the neighborhood.
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Community Alerts

2019 SPCSA Dues Remittances vs. 2018 Payment Delinquencies

SPCSA owners should be aware that their payments for 2019 SPCSA Association Dues may be affected by any outstanding 2018 payment delinquencies at year-end.  Those homeowners who have not paid their $42.13 assessment for bear-resistant refuse containers will find this amount deducted from their initial 2019 dues payments, resulting in a “short” payment of association dues and an outstanding dues delinquency in January, 2019.

***Owners who want to avoid late fees and interest charges in the New Year should settle any outstanding payment delinquencies, such as for bear-resistant refuse containers, before year end, or include payment for any outstanding amounts with your initial 2019 Dues remittance.  If you have any questions please contact Marlo Sanders, Sentry Management using the contact information on SPCSA’s home page.  Thank you.

HOA Fees Due Dates

Assessment Dates
SPCSA residents paying association dues Quarterly should make sure payments are received before the first day of each quarter.

Annual Dues payments for 2019 must be received by December 31, 2018 in order to assure proper crediting to your account. Payment coupons for 2019 will be mailed to all owners in December.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our property manager Marlo Sanders at:

Marlo Sanders
Sentry Management, Inc.
407-788-6700 ext. 51111

Thank You!

Community News

SPCSA President’s Update – July 1, 2019

What’s Up In Sabal Point?

A few neighbors have expressed interest in getting “more information from the homeowner association”.  SPCSA’s “To The Point” newsletter was phased out last year due to multiple residents indicating that they didn’t read it, plus we saved the editing work and printing and mailing costs. Our hope has been that interested families will check this web location for Documents, Resource Information, News and Community Alerts. Residents can also attend a Monthly Board Meeting to ask questions, share concerns or listen to what work is in progress. The following topics highlight what we have been doing in the last several months.

  1. Village On The Green (VOG) Expansion – Lifespace Communities, the parent corporation for our outstanding VOG retirement community, has received approval for a $50 million multi-year expansion and modernization project that will begin with “Phase One” this summer. The building additions will largely be on former Sabal Point Golf Course property purchased by Lifespace. Their development plans have been of interest to Sabal Fairway Villas, Sabal Place and other nearby residents whose properties overlook the acquired land. SPCSA participated in a number of serious working sessions to negotiate the final locations of VOG’s new Healthcare, Memory Care and Rehabilitation facilities as well as added residential units. We look forward to seeing progress and to welcoming our next generation of VOG neighbors. For more information visit: https://www.lifespacecommunities.com/senior-living-orlando/ .
  2. Architectural Control Activities – many owners have been updating homes with new roofs, windows, fences and landscaping additions. These investments are essential for preserving the character and values in our nearly 40-year-old community. Other residents have added solar heating or electrical-generation panels. All of these exterior modifications or additions require written approval by our Architectural Review Committee (ARC). The ARC’s goal is always to assure that exterior changes are carefully planned, compatible with the neighborhood and meet local building codes. Please review the “Architectural Control” information on this website if you have questions.
  3. Sabal Point Commons – in 2016 our association assumed title and responsibility for 85 acres of former golf course land, and our Open Space Committee (OSC) now has three years of experience in mowing and maintaining the property. There are nearly 20 major ponds and waterways on the land and a seasonally-adjusted mowing schedule. It is common to see families walking, exercising pets, riding bikes and enjoying the property so please visit but note the following:
  • Usage and safety regulations are posted on “kiosk signs” at major entry points and on this website. Please take a few minutes to read them, they are legal requirements.
  • Waterway management experts have recommended that our mowing contractors start leaving a 3’ – 4’ band of natural growth around the pond perimeters. This buffer reduces algae problems by keeping grass clippings out of the water and limits soil erosion.
  • No unauthorized motor vehicles are allowed on the “Commons” property, and no visitor access after sunset.
  • Residents desiring contractor vehicle access for tree-trimming, landscaping or other work must contact our OSC members to request approval and provide details in advance. Property owners may be financially responsible for damage caused by unapproved contractor vehicle access.
  • Unauthorized vehicles, fireworks, vandalism or other violations can be reported to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office at 407.665.6650. Be prepared to provide location information, a photo if possible, and the specifics of concerns.
  1. Compliance Activities – SPCSA conducts a monthly Compliance drive-through to identify conditions that violate our deed restrictions and investigate concerns reported by neighbors. Each month, 20 – 30 notices may be issued among our 500+ single-family homes. Follow-up monitoring is also performed, and repeated violations are referred to the association’s attorneys. While some residents complain about notifications, the majority consider community rules enforcement to be an important way of preserving our quality of life and property values.
  2. Sanitary Lift Station Addition – Utilities Inc. (UI), our sewer and water utility provider, installed a new sanitary waste pumping station between Golf Brook apartments and The Residences condominiums, just north of Sabal Palm Drive. Our association was involved in plan reviews and granting of access easements for the facility on Alexander apartments-owned property. During the station startup nearby residents reported noise and odor issues, and UI crews have made operating adjustments and installed noise and vapor filtration equipment which they hope resolves the concerns.

We look forward to keeping Sabal Point a great place to live, and appreciate everyone’s help in supporting the effort as good neighbors. Thank you!

Wayne J. Hunicke, SPCSA President

SPCSA’s Annual Meeting – November 13, 2018

SPCSA held its 2018 Annual Membership Meeting on November 13th at the Episcopal Church on East Lake Brantley Drive.  The meeting was moderately attended by residents.  The Board reviewed 2018 accomplishments, overall financial position and the status of several key community issues.  Participants asked a variety of questions on topics including:

SPCSA’s Finances – the association’s financial status remained solid in 2018 with the continuation of maintenance work on the 85-acre “Sabal Point Commons” property and routine community maintenance.  SPCSA will finish this year in an Expense over-run situation due to Sign Repairs and Legal Fees.  Next year’s Annual association dues will increase by ~3% over 2018, or $16/year for single-family homeowners.

“Alexander at Sabal Point” Apartments – the Alexander Apartment complex is completed and won a golf course repurposing award from Florida Planning & Zoning Officials.  It has also been reported that the complex was sold and is under new ownership.

Village on the Green (VOG) Modernization and Expansion Plan – Lifespace Communities, VOG’s parent company, has received Seminole County approval for a $50 million modernization plan and expansion of their existing campus on portions of acquired golf course property.  SPCSA supported a revised development plan with Seminole County and other officials, and site work is expected to begin early in the New Year.

Short-Term Rentals – SPCSA’s attorneys have researched the subject of rental restrictions and drafted a possible Deed Restrictions Amendment to be presented to owners.  The amendment could restrict rentals to periods of at least 6 months, but must be approved by up to 75% of affected owners in selected villages.  The Board of Directors is considering whether such a challenging approval might be possible in 2019 if residents supported a massive, door-to-door “get out the vote” campaign.

Sanitary Lift Station – Utilities, Inc. has completed construction of a new Sabal Point Master Pumping Station north of Sabal Palm Drive, between the Golf Brook Apartments and The Residences at Sabal Point.  The addition substantially increases sewage processing capacity for Sabal Point, The Springs and communities east of I-4, and reduces flow through the existing station near Sabal Creek, which has been modernized.

Bear Resistant Trash Containers – the community’s use of bear resistant refuse containers has apparently reduced the frequency of Sabal Point bear encounters.  News reports indicate increased bear activity in areas like Apopka and Oviedo.  Residents are reminded that the $42.13 container assessment for single family homes MUST be paid in 2018 or the funds will be withheld from 2019 dues payments.

Special Appreciation – was extended to Glen Winter and the Episcopal Church for hosting the meeting, and to Marlo Sanders who supports SPCSA as Sentry’s Community Association Manager.

Election of Directors – the election for Board of Directors positions was conducted with re-election of Bob Bruno, Wayne Hunicke and Joan Ward to 3-year terms.  Thank you SPCSA voters and congratulations Bob and Joan!

Sincere thanks to our volunteer board members and all residents who voted and participated in our Annual Meeting.  Here’s wishing all Sabal Point neighbors “Happy Holidays” and a safe and successful 2019!

Wayne J. Hunicke – SPCSA President

Looking for Homeowners' Documents?

See the documents page for Association documents, ARC approval form and deed restriction documents by village.

SPCSA Board Meeting

Next Board Meeting
Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 7 PM
Village on the Green
Bldg. E Conference Room

Board Meetings

SPCSA Board Meetings are normally held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at Village on the Green, Bldg. E Conference Room. Meetings are 7:00pm. All are welcome.
Contact president@sabalpoint.org with questions. Notice of Meeting postings are placed at selected points in the community, several days in advance.