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The Sabal Point community is known for its great location, excellent schools and safe, family-friendly environment.
This website is sponsored by the Sabal Point Community Services Association, Inc. (SPCSA), a mandatory homeowner association representing nearly 1000 families in the development. We are located in the Longwood area of Central Florida, near Orlando. This website is for the use of residents, guests, prospective home buyers, realty professionals and others who support the neighborhood.
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Community Alerts

SPCSA 2020 Annual Meeting

The association plans to hold its 2020 Annual Meeting and Election on Tuesday, November 17th at 7 PM at the SPCSA Maintenance Building, 397 Sabal Palm Drive.

Social distancing and face covering guidelines will be observed for those homeowners who choose to attend in person.  Parking is allowed on the paved lot and grassy areas adjacent to the building.

In early November, Homeowners will receive an Annual Meeting and Election package which includes a Ballot, meeting Proxy form, election-related instructions and envelopes.  Ballots and Proxy forms must be completed and returned separately in order to meet legal requirements.

Please review all mailed instructions carefully.

  1. Yellow BALLOTS should be marked for your three (3) candidates of choice (or write-in candidates) and inserted into the yellow BALLOT ONLY envelope.
  2. Sealed BALLOT ONLY envelopes must be placed in the green BALLOT RETURN envelope which is then signed on the outside and the owner’s property address recorded. In order to be valid, both a signature and address are required on the Return envelope.
  3. Sealed BALLOT RETURN envelopes can be delivered to the Annual Meeting or returned by U. S. Postal Service. Please add postage and mail well in advance of the meeting date.
  4. Owners who choose not to attend the Annual Meeting should also fill out and mail in the blue PROXY form in the separate PROXY RETURN envelope provided. Your signed Proxies must be received and counted in order for the Annual Meeting to achieve the legally mandated Quorum of 30% of all owners participating “…in person or by Proxy”.

Reminder:  Ballots and Proxies must be returned in two SEPARATE envelopes in order to follow SPCSA’s “Secret Ballot” and meeting Quorum requirements.

Owners with any questions should contact Marlo Sanders at Sentry Management or any SPCSA Board Member.  Please help by mailing your BALLOT and PROXY return envelopes early.  Thank you!

Recent Resident Concerns

Are Golf Carts Legal On Sabal Point Roads?

In our view, the answer is generally “No”.

Golf Carts and “Low Speed Vehicles” (LSVs) are covered by a variety of Florida Statutes and Seminole County Code. Most of these rules prohibit operation on public roads except under limited conditions and with certain roadway designations, posted signage, and vehicle safety equipment.

Golf carts are four-wheeled vehicles designed primarily for use on golf courses with a maximum speed of 20 mph. LSVs are four-wheeled vehicles whose top speed is greater than 20 miles per hour, but not greater than 25 miles per hour.

Florida Statute 316 states in part: operation of a golf cart upon public roads or streets of the state is prohibited except:

  • On County or municipal roads that have been “designated for use by golf carts”.
  • To cross public roadways in clearly marked areas where there is a golf course constructed on both sides of the roadway.

While some Central Florida communities like “The Villages” have made golf carts street-legal, Sabal Point’s public roads are not designated or marked for golf cart use.

Florida Statute 320 states that LSVs may be operated by licensed drivers only on streets where the posted speed limit is 35 MPH or less and the vehicle is insured. Vehicles must be equipped with the following safety equipment:

  • Headlamps;
  • Front and rear turn signals;
  • Stop lamps;
  • Tail lamps;
  • Reflex reflectors, red – one each side and one on the rear;
  • Exterior mirror on the driver side and an interior rear-view mirror or exterior mirror on passenger side;
  • Parking brake;
  • Windshield;
  • Seat belt for each designated seat; and a
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN).

In addition, the 85-acre “Sabal Point Commons” community property is posted with usage restrictions including “No unauthorized motor vehicles”. The only vehicles currently authorized include those of certain officers, employees, land and waterway service providers and association vehicles.

Families with privately-owned golf carts or similar vehicles can legally use them on their own property, or on other private property with permission from the owner, and with operators who are at least 14 years old. Golf cart operation on public roads or posted common areas is not legal. Violations can be reported to the association or the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office at 407.665.6650.

Can Neighors Let Pets Poop On My Lawn?

Again, the answer is “No”, residents must properly control their pets. Dog and cat owners have responsibilities both under Sabal Point deed restrictions and Seminole County Codes, Chapter 20, Ordinances Pertaining to Animals. Highlights include:

  • Pet Waste – it is illegal for owners to leave pet waste on sidewalks, common areas or on private property of neighboring homeowners. Pet Stations with plastic bags and receptacles are provided along Sabal Palm Drive to facilitate collection and safe deposit of pet waste.
  • Leash Laws – all dogs and cats must be kept on a leash when not on their owner’s property. Carrying a leash while your dog runs free is not an option. Leash laws are in place for the safety of your pet and animals owned by other neighbors, as well as protection of walkers, bike riders and joggers in our community.
  • Barking Dogs – Seminole County Code Section 20.19 Noisy Animals specifies limits for leaving dogs or other animals outside, allowing repetitive barking, howling or screeching, and outlines methods of filing complaints with Law Enforcement or Animal Control authorities.

Residents can report violations by obtaining the name and address of non-compliant pet owners along with the date and time of specific violations. These may be reported to SPCSA via Sentry Management or to the Seminole County Sheriff’s non-emergency number at 407.665.6650.

Please be a good neighbor and responsible pet owner and follow community rules.


Community News

SPCSA’s 2019 Annual Meeting

SPCSA held its 2019 Annual Membership Meeting on November 12th at the Episcopal Church on East Lake Brantley Drive.  The meeting was attended by about 40 residents.  The Board reviewed 2019 accomplishments, overall financial position and the status of key community issues.  Participants asked a variety of questions on topics including:

SPCSA’s Finances – the association’s financial status remained solid in 2019 with maintenance spending on the 85-acre “Sabal Point Commons” property running close to projections.  SPCSA will finish the year in an Expense over-run situation due to Legal fees for a covenants enforcement trial which the association won in late July.  Next year’s Annual association dues will increase by ~1.7% over 2018, or $10/year for single-family homeowners.

Village on the Green (VOG) Modernization and Expansion Plan – Lifespace Communities, VOG’s parent company, has begun Phase One of their $50 million modernization and facilities expansion plan.  While the site excavation and grading work are generating some daytime noise and dust, nearby neighbors are showing patience and we all look forward to seeing construction progress in the New Year.

“Florida Friendly Landscaping” – residents expressed interest in learning to update their yards with “Florida Friendly” grasses, landscape plants, mulched beds and irrigation adjustments. It was noted that the University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF – IFAS) has a local Extension Office near the Seminole County Office complex on Highway 17-92, which offers free seminars, information, publications and assistance to homeowners who want to reduce environmental impacts, lawncare expenses and conserve water. For more information visit their website:  http://sfyl.ifas.ufl.edu/ . As a reminder, all major landscape modifications or additions should be planned in advance and submitted for Architectural Review and Approval.

Special Appreciation – was extended to Glen Winter and the Episcopal Church for hosting the meeting, and to Marlo Sanders who supports SPCSA as Sentry’s Community Association Manager.

Election of Directors – the election for Board of Directors positions was conducted with election of Gerry Keane, Joe St. Pierre and Scottie Wood to 3-year terms starting in January.  Thank you SPCSA voters and congratulations Gerry, Joe and Scottie!

Wayne J. Hunicke, SPCSA President

Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Meetings

Beginning last September, SPCSA’s Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is now holding twice-monthly meetings to review and disposition resident requests for exterior changes or additions. In addition to the current ARC Reviews at monthly SPCSA Board Meetings, the ARC will also convene at 9:30 AM on the first Thursday of each month at the association’s Maintenance Building located at 397 Sabal Palm Drive. Meeting reminders will be posted in the community at least 48 hours in advance. Owners are welcome to attend, ask questions about possible projects or to appeal any prior requests that may have been “Denied”. Please explore the Architectural Review section of this website for guidance on when approval is required and what information should accompany ARC Requests.

Looking for Homeowners' Documents?

See the documents page for Association documents, ARC approval form and deed restriction documents by village.

Board Meetings

SPCSA’s 2020 Annual Meeting is scheduled for 7 PM on Tuesday, November 17th at the SPCSA Maintenance Building, 397 Sabal Palm Drive.  Social Distancing and Face Covering policies will be observed.  Homeowners will receive meeting materials in early November.  Please contact Marlo Sanders at Sentry Management or president@sabalpoint.org with questions.  


SPCSA Board Meeting

SPCSA Board Meeting – October 20, 2020
Social Distancing Restrictions Apply
SPCSA Maintenance Building
397 Sabal Palm Drive