SPCSA owners should be aware that their payments for 2019 SPCSA Association Dues may be affected by any outstanding 2018 payment delinquencies at year-end.  Those homeowners who have not paid their $42.13 assessment for bear-resistant refuse containers will find this amount deducted from their initial 2019 dues payments, resulting in a “short” payment of association dues and an outstanding dues delinquency in January, 2019.

***Owners who want to avoid late fees and interest charges in the New Year should settle any outstanding payment delinquencies, such as for bear-resistant refuse containers, before year end, or include payment for any outstanding amounts with your initial 2019 Dues remittance.  If you have any questions please contact Marlo Sanders, Sentry Management using the contact information on SPCSA’s home page.  Thank you.