Bear-Resistant Trash Containers – our community is in the 4th year of mandated Bear-Resistant Trashcan use. Lockable containers are required for food-contaminated household refuse in SPCSA villages since we are located in Seminole County’s high-traffic “Bear Management Corridor”.

Containers only work if lids are properly closed and latched. Occasional lubrication of the metal locking mechanism (i.e. WD-40 spray) is necessary for proper operation. Unlocked or overstuffed containers left outdoors greatly increase the chance of a potentially hazardous bear encounter on your driveway or in your garage. Please maintain and properly use your bear-cans so the animals look for food somewhere else!

Play Structures/Basketball Goals – SPCSA deed restrictions have always specified that game & play structures and basketball goals must be ARC-approved and located at the side or rear of properties. Portable or roll-away equipment may need to be stored when not in use, depending on the specifics of your lot/driveway configuration and ARC approval.

Permanent placement of sports nets, goals, swings and portable basketball goals in front of homes is not approvable, and goals must be kept in “like-new” condition. If you have questions please review association Resolution 08-01 in the “Documents” pages of this website and observe the deed restrictions out of respect for your neighbors.


Looking For A Webmaster – our association’s website has been designed and supported for 5 years by a highly talented professional who is now moving on to other work. As a result, SPCSA is looking for a community volunteer or web professional experienced with “WordPress” programming and maintenance. Interested individuals can “Contact Us” using this website or email We look forward to hearing from you!