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  • SPCSA’s 2019 Annual Meeting November 14, 2019

    SPCSA held its 2019 Annual Membership Meeting on November 12th at the Episcopal Church on East Lake Brantley Drive.  The meeting was attended by about 40 residents.  The Board reviewed 2019 accomplishments, overall financial position and the status of key community issues.  Participants asked a variety of questions on topics including:

    SPCSA’s Finances – the association’s financial status remained solid in 2019 with maintenance spending on the 85-acre “Sabal Point Commons” property running close to projections.  SPCSA will finish the year in an Expense over-run situation due to Legal fees for a covenants enforcement trial which the association won in late July.  Next year’s Annual association dues will increase by ~1.7% over 2018, or $10/year for single-family homeowners.

    Village on the Green (VOG) Modernization and Expansion Plan – Lifespace Communities, VOG’s parent company, has begun Phase One of their $50 million modernization and facilities expansion plan.  While the site excavation and grading work are generating some daytime noise and dust, nearby neighbors are showing patience and we all look forward to seeing construction progress in the New Year.

    “Florida Friendly Landscaping” – residents expressed interest in learning to update their yards with “Florida Friendly” grasses, landscape plants, mulched beds and irrigation adjustments. It was noted that the University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF – IFAS) has a local Extension Office near the Seminole County Office complex on Highway 17-92, which offers free seminars, information, publications and assistance to homeowners who want to reduce environmental impacts, lawncare expenses and conserve water. For more information visit their website: . As a reminder, all major landscape modifications or additions should be planned in advance and submitted for Architectural Review and Approval.

    Special Appreciation – was extended to Glen Winter and the Episcopal Church for hosting the meeting, and to Marlo Sanders who supports SPCSA as Sentry’s Community Association Manager.

    Election of Directors – the election for Board of Directors positions was conducted with election of Gerry Keane, Joe St. Pierre and Scottie Wood to 3-year terms starting in January.  Thank you SPCSA voters and congratulations Gerry, Joe and Scottie!

    Wayne J. Hunicke, SPCSA President

  • Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Meetings August 24, 2019

    Beginning last September, SPCSA’s Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is now holding twice-monthly meetings to review and disposition resident requests for exterior changes or additions. In addition to the current ARC Reviews at monthly SPCSA Board Meetings, the ARC will also convene at 9:30 AM on the first Thursday of each month at the association’s Maintenance Building located at 397 Sabal Palm Drive. Meeting reminders will be posted in the community at least 48 hours in advance. Owners are welcome to attend, ask questions about possible projects or to appeal any prior requests that may have been “Denied”. Please explore the Architectural Review section of this website for guidance on when approval is required and what information should accompany ARC Requests.

  • Living With Wildlife – A “Bear Aware” Community February 1, 2018

    Our Community Is Going “Bear Aware”

    Our Sabal Point Community is located next to major wilderness conservation areas and the Wekiva River Preserve.  As a result, wildlife including bears, deer, raccoons, coyotes and other animals enter the community seeking food.  Bears in particular can become accustomed to foraging in residential areas and lose their fear of human contact.  Bears that have become “habituated” to humans pose a potential hazard for residents, visitors and pets, and have been involved in bear attacks on several occasions. It is in the best interests of our community and the local bear population to be “Bear Aware” residents and limit the attraction of bears.

    Why Bear-Resistant Containers?

    Residents should not feed deer, bears, alligators or other wildlife since feeding concentrates animals and creates the risk of disease spread and reduced animal fear of humans.  Bear attractants must be controlled including:

    • Household refuse, picnic refuse and food waste on trash, used plates or other containers;
    • Pet foods, pet food leftovers and foods in accessible storage areas;
    • Bird seed in feeders or seed accumulations on the ground under feeding areas;
    • Barbeque grills with food accumulations, drippings or grease traps;
    • Refrigerators or freezers in garages or other exterior locations;
    • Vehicles containing food, groceries, coolers or bagged garbage;
    • Fruit trees (non-citrus), nut trees and berry trees or bushes.

    Our homeowner association has mandated that all single-family owners in designated SPCSA villages store and dispose of household refuse and food-contaminated garbage in a lockable, 64-gallon “bear-resistant container”.  These containers have been approved by Seminole County Solid Waste and Waste Pro, our waste-hauling service, and are being provided at a subsidized price of about $42.13.  Other non-food-contaminated waste may be put out for pickup in regular trashcans on the day of pickup.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Do I have to use the Bear-Resistant Container?

    A: Yes. SPCSA’s modified deed restrictions specify that the lockable bear-resistant container must be used as the primary container for household refuse disposal once delivered by Seminole County.  Other trashcans can only be used for non-food-contaminated refuse after the primary container is filled and put out for collection.  Recycling bins should not contain food-contaminated waste items.

    Q: How will I be charged for my container?

    A:  Sentry Management will be mailing affected SPCSA homeowners a payment coupon for approximately $42.13 once the containers have been delivered to individual residences, probably within the next month or so.

    Q: When can bear-resistant containers be put out for pickup?

    A: Bear-resistant containers may be placed at the curb the night before designated trash collection.  Regular trashcans can only be put at the curb on the day of pickup.  Emptied containers should be removed by sundown the day of collection and stored in a location out of sight from the street or neighboring properties.

    Q: What if my family wants to purchase a second container or needs repairs or a replacement?

    A: Additional containers are available from our trash collection contractor at an individual homeowner price of about $126.  For details, delivery or repair information contact Waste Pro at 407-774-0800 or, or for more information visit:

    Q: What if neighbors are not using their bear-resistant containers?

    A: Violations may be reported by contacting SPCSA/Marlo Sanders at Sentry Management or by calling Seminole County Solid Waste Customer Service at 407-665-2260.  A photo of violations with address and date information will be helpful.

    Q: What if my container is damaged or won’t operate?

    A: Report problems to Seminole County Solid Waste – Customer Service at 407-665-2260 or call Joshua Marshall at Seminole County Solid Waste at 407-665-2262.  Containers have a 3-year warranty and can be replaced during that time.

    To learn more about being “Bear Aware”, residents can visit Florida Fish & Wildlife at or Seminole County at

    Thank you for helping keep our Community safe…for Sabal Point families and neighboring wildlife!

  • Environmental Survey – Former Sabal Point Golf Course January 23, 2018

    A number of residents have asked about recent newspaper articles on the Rolling Hills Golf Course and related environmental cleanup discussions.  The follow-up question is usually: “What do we know about conditions on the former Sabal Point Golf Course property that our homeowner association has taken over?”  The answer is simple.  A comprehensive environmental study of our 85 acres was conducted before SPCSA took title to the property, under a contract with American Environmental Consulting.  Soil and water sampling was performed on the tees, fairways and greens along with testing of the acreage containing the Golf Course Maintenance Garage. 

    No unacceptable contamination was found on the golfing areas and only two locations with low levels of arsenic or petroleum impacts were found near the Maintenance Garage.  These were corrected under an approved remediation plan and all areas were released by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection in 2016.  It was noted that older courses like Rolling Hills tend to have higher buildup of residual chemicals from more years of fertilization, weed and pest controls.

  • SPCSA Approved – Bear Resistant Containers December 12, 2017

    Good news for SPCSA residents, bad news for bears!  SPCSA single family villages have been approved by Seminole County to receive bear-resistant trash containers at a greatly reduced price ($42 vs. $150). The 64-gallon lockable, wheeled containers are on order and expected to be distributed to residents in early 2018. They have greatly reduced bear-encounters in other communities.  There will be no additional collection surcharges and residents will be assessed for their trashcan as is done for annual dues. Watch for future postings and mailings on rules and restrictions for new container use.

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  • HOA Fees Due Dates November 14, 2019

    Assessment Dates
    SPCSA residents paying association dues Quarterly should make sure payments are received before the first day of each quarter.

    Annual Dues payments for 2020 must be received by December 31, 2019 in order to assure proper crediting to your account. Payment coupons for 2020 will be mailed to all owners in November.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our property manager Marlo Sanders at:

    Marlo Sanders
    Sentry Management, Inc.
    407-788-6700 ext. 51111

    Thank You!

  • 2020 SPCSA Dues Remittances vs. 2019 Payment Delinquencies November 5, 2019

    SPCSA owners should be aware that payments for 2020 SPCSA assessments may be affected by any outstanding 2019 payment delinquencies at year-end.  Homeowners who have not paid amounts due for late fees, interest or other charges will find their balance deducted from initial 2020 Dues payments, resulting in a “short” payment in January, 2020.

    ***To avoid extra charges in the New Year, please settle any outstanding payment balances before year end, or include the owed amount with your first 2020 remittance.  If you have questions please contact Marlo Sanders, Sentry Management using the contact information on SPCSA’s home page.  Thank you.

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  • SPCSA Board Meeting December 19, 2019

    SPCSA Board Meeting
    Tuesday, January 21, 2020, 7 PM
    Village on the Green
    Conference Room E

  • Board Meetings August 31, 2017

    SPCSA Board Meetings are normally held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at Village on the Green, Bldg. E Conference Room. Meetings are 7:00pm. All are welcome.
    Contact with questions. Notice of Meeting postings are placed at selected points in the community, several days in advance.