Architectural Review Requirements

When Is ARC Approval Required?

Residents must obtain approval from SPCSA’s Architectural Review Committee (ARC) before completing certain exterior maintenance, modification or additions to their properties.

Sabal Point deed restrictions and residential planning rules require prior, written ARC approval for activities including:

Sabal Point Vista

Sabal Point Vista

  • All changes in exterior materials or paint colors, roofing structures or materials, doors and garage doors, windows, shutters and trim;
  • Any modification or additions to residences, attached structures or paved areas including driveways, walkways and pool areas;
  • Additions or modifications of fencing, screening, storage areas, signs, flags, antennas, exterior lighting or play structures including basketball backboards;
  • Additions of large-sized decorative objects which are visible from the street including fountains, birdbaths, planter/flower pots, statues, trellises, and hammocks;
  • Significant modifications to landscape areas and removal of trees larger than 4 inches in diameter.

ARC approval is not needed for work inside residences, routine exterior maintenance or in-kind replacement of building materials, repainting of surfaces with identical coatings and colors, or work in enclosed yard areas such as gardening or pool resurfacing.

Residents with questions or needing change request forms should contact Sentry Management at (407) 788-6700 or any SPCSA Board member. An Exterior Improvement Approval Request form is included on this web site for your use. Requests should be submitted at least 30 days in advance of intended work.

These Architectural Controls are designed to maintain our neighborhood’s appearance and property values by assuring that any exterior changes to residences are compatible with other homes in the community. Thanks for your cooperation!