Welcome to Sabal Point!

The Sabal Point community is known for its great location, excellent schools and safe, family-friendly environment.
This website is sponsored by the Sabal Point Community Services Association, Inc. (SPCSA), a mandatory homeowner association representing nearly 1000 families in the development. We are located in the Longwood area of Central Florida, near Orlando. This website is for the use of residents, guests, prospective home buyers, realty professionals and others who support the neighborhood.
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Community Alerts

Vandalism Alert!

Our community has experienced two recent vandalism incidents, both deliberate damage to lighting fixtures near Sabal Ridge and Sabal Green.  It appears that younger residents or visitors to the community have purposefully damaged lights at our 670 Sabal Palm Maintenance Building and at the Sabal Green Entrance sign.  All residents are encouraged to communicate to their families that vandalism is dangerous and causes expensive and time-wasting repairs.  New lights can cost $150 just for the fixture plus the expense of wiring and equipment replacements.  This means $1000 that could be spent on something else.  Anyone with information about these events please contact an SPCSA Board member or Marlo Sanders at Sentry Management.

Neighborhood Hot-Topics

Bear-Resistant Trash Containers – our community is in the 4th year of mandated Bear-Resistant Trashcan use. Lockable containers are required for food-contaminated household refuse in SPCSA villages since we are located in Seminole County’s high-traffic “Bear Management Corridor”.

Containers only work if lids are properly closed and latched. Occasional lubrication of the metal locking mechanism (i.e. WD-40 spray) is necessary for proper operation. Unlocked or overstuffed containers left outdoors greatly increase the chance of a potentially hazardous bear encounter on your driveway or in your garage. Please maintain and properly use your bear-cans so the animals look for food somewhere else!

Play Structures/Basketball Goals – SPCSA deed restrictions have always specified that game & play structures and basketball goals must be ARC-approved and located at the side or rear of properties. Portable or roll-away equipment may need to be stored when not in use, depending on the specifics of your lot/driveway configuration and ARC approval.

Permanent placement of sports nets, goals, swings and portable basketball goals in front of homes is not approvable, and goals must be kept in “like-new” condition. If you have questions please review association Resolution 08-01 in the “Documents” pages of this website and observe the deed restrictions out of respect for your neighbors.


Looking For A Webmaster – our association’s website has been designed and supported for 5 years by a highly talented professional who is now moving on to other work. As a result, SPCSA is looking for a community volunteer or web professional experienced with “WordPress” programming and maintenance. Interested individuals can “Contact Us” using this website or email president@sabalpoint.org. We look forward to hearing from you!

Community News

SPCSA 2020 Annual Meeting


SPCSA held its 2020 Annual Membership Meeting and Election on November 17th at the SPCSA Maintenance Building, 397 Sabal Palm Drive.  The meeting was attended by a majority of Board members and about 25 other residents.  The Board reviewed 2020 challenges, year-end financial position and the status of key community issues.  Participants asked a variety of questions on topics including:


Vinyl Fencing Restrictions and Enforcement – residents asked about the reasoning behind the association’s enforcement of its long-standing architectural restriction of vinyl/plastic fencing.  Deed restrictions on fences and exterior materials were reviewed along with the status of an ongoing covenants enforcement action for a vinyl fence installed without approval.  The association won this case at trial in July, 2019 and has been awarded “prevailing party legal fee recovery”.  As of December 18, 2020 [recent update] the defendant’s Appeal has been Denied.  As a reminder, all fencing and screening installations must be submitted in advance for architectural review and approval.

SPCSA’s Finances – the association’s financial status remained solid in 2020 with maintenance costs for the 85-acre “Sabal Point Commons” property running on budget after nearly 5 years of ownership.  Residents asked if Open Space Funds are segregated and tracked separately from regular Operating funds and the answer was “yes”.

SPCSA will finish the year in a slight Operating budget over-run situation due to Legal fees for several Collection actions, document updates and the covenants enforcement appeal mentioned above.  Next year’s Annual association dues will increase by ~1% over 2019, or $6/year for single-family homes.

Village on the Green (VOG) Expansion Status – the multi-year VOG modernization and expansion project has made significant progress, with major new health and memory care facilities nearing completion in the New Year.  It is hoped that the construction fencing and building mockup structure can be removed in the spring.

Special Appreciation – was extended to Bob Bruno and Jeff Shepherd for preparing the 397 Building for the meeting, and to Marlo Sanders who supports SPCSA as Sentry’s Community Association Manager.

Election of Directors – the election for Board of Directors positions was conducted with Jim Billotte, Paul Bruno and Mike Champagne re-elected to 3-year terms starting in January.  Thanks to the other two residents who ran in this election, to all SPCSA voters, and congratulations to Jim, Paul and Mike!

Recent Resident Concerns

Are Golf Carts Legal On Sabal Point Roads?

In our view, the answer is generally “No”.

Golf Carts and “Low Speed Vehicles” (LSVs) are covered by a variety of Florida Statutes and Seminole County Code. Most of these rules prohibit operation on public roads except under limited conditions and with certain roadway designations, posted signage, and vehicle safety equipment.

Golf carts are four-wheeled vehicles designed primarily for use on golf courses with a maximum speed of 20 mph. LSVs are four-wheeled vehicles whose top speed is greater than 20 miles per hour, but not greater than 25 miles per hour.

Florida Statute 316 states in part: operation of a golf cart upon public roads or streets of the state is prohibited except:

  • On County or municipal roads that have been “designated for use by golf carts”.
  • To cross public roadways in clearly marked areas where there is a golf course constructed on both sides of the roadway.

While some Central Florida communities like “The Villages” have made golf carts street-legal, Sabal Point’s public roads are not designated or marked for golf cart use.

Florida Statute 320 states that LSVs may be operated by licensed drivers only on streets where the posted speed limit is 35 MPH or less and the vehicle is insured. Vehicles must be equipped with the following safety equipment:

  • Headlamps;
  • Front and rear turn signals;
  • Stop lamps;
  • Tail lamps;
  • Reflex reflectors, red – one each side and one on the rear;
  • Exterior mirror on the driver side and an interior rear-view mirror or exterior mirror on passenger side;
  • Parking brake;
  • Windshield;
  • Seat belt for each designated seat; and a
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN).

In addition, the 85-acre “Sabal Point Commons” community property is posted with usage restrictions including “No unauthorized motor vehicles”. The only vehicles currently authorized include those of certain officers, employees, land and waterway service providers and association vehicles.

Families with privately-owned golf carts or similar vehicles can legally use them on their own property, or on other private property with permission from the owner, and with operators who are at least 14 years old. Golf cart operation on public roads or posted common areas is not legal. Violations can be reported to the association or the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office at 407.665.6650.

Can Neighors Let Pets Poop On My Lawn?

Again, the answer is “No”, residents must properly control their pets. Dog and cat owners have responsibilities both under Sabal Point deed restrictions and Seminole County Codes, Chapter 20, Ordinances Pertaining to Animals. Highlights include:

  • Pet Waste – it is illegal for owners to leave pet waste on sidewalks, common areas or on private property of neighboring homeowners. Pet Stations with plastic bags and receptacles are provided along Sabal Palm Drive to facilitate collection and safe deposit of pet waste.
  • Leash Laws – all dogs and cats must be kept on a leash when not on their owner’s property. Carrying a leash while your dog runs free is not an option. Leash laws are in place for the safety of your pet and animals owned by other neighbors, as well as protection of walkers, bike riders and joggers in our community.
  • Barking Dogs – Seminole County Code Section 20.19 Noisy Animals specifies limits for leaving dogs or other animals outside, allowing repetitive barking, howling or screeching, and outlines methods of filing complaints with Law Enforcement or Animal Control authorities.

Residents can report violations by obtaining the name and address of non-compliant pet owners along with the date and time of specific violations. These may be reported to SPCSA via Sentry Management or to the Seminole County Sheriff’s non-emergency number at 407.665.6650.

Please be a good neighbor and responsible pet owner and follow community rules.


Looking for Homeowners' Documents?

See the documents page for Association documents, ARC approval form and deed restriction documents by village.

SPCSA Board Meeting

SPCSA Board Meeting – July 20 2021, 7 PM
Social Distancing Restrictions Apply
SPCSA Maintenance Building
397 Sabal Palm Drive

Board Meetings

SPCSA Board Meetings are normally scheduled on the third Tuesday of each month at 7 PM at the SPCSA Maintenance Building, 397 Sabal Palm Drive.  Social Distancing and Face Covering policies are observed.  Please contact Marlo Sanders at Sentry Management or president@sabalpoint.org with questions.